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Karol Pisarkiewicz


President of PSLT

Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Łucznictwa Tradycyjnego

(Polish Association of Traditional Archery)

Polish Association of Traditional Archery, which is an organization focused on the promotion of traditional archery in Poland.

Traditional archer, sportsman, activist, social instructor, co-founder of the Polish Association of Traditional Archery, from 2016 the president of the association.

He began his adventure with archery at the instigation of his son Ignacy, at the beginning of 2006, when they went to a friend who practiced horse-back archery. Traditional archery that developed at that time interested him so much that he remained loyal to him to this day. As a result of studying many publications (including his favorite The Saracen Archery) and proper preparation, he obtained a high level of archery skills, thanks to which he has been, for many years, one of the leading traditional archers in Poland and in the world. He is a ambidextrous archer (freely shooting from the right and left hand), using almost every type of bow and shooting technique. He transfers his knowledge and experience to other archers and adepts, including in classes conducted as a social instructor.
In the years 2006-2019 he participated in 163 national and international tournaments, winning 89 times gold, 44 silver and 18 bronze. Multiple medalist of the Polish Championships (2012, 2014, 2019) and European Championships (in 2019), Vice Champion of the Czech Republic (Mistrovstvi České Republiky v tradiční lukostřelbě 2009) and many other international tournaments.


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