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The main goal of participating in the international archery tournament V4, which will take place 14-16. October 2022 at Smolenice Castle is to promote the use of the bow and the history of archery.

Historical clothing is not mandatory, but we encourage participants who attend the event to have historical clothing reasonably consistent with the reproduced period.



Competitors wishing to take part in the competition will register by September 15, 2022 at: .


We have set the maximum number  of the contestants  at 250 (Two hundred and fifty).


It is necessary to register and pay the registration fee within the specified period:


  • EUR 50 per person for participation in the Senior category,

  • EUR 30 per person for participation in the Junior category,

  • EUR 30 per person for escorts who will be provided with meals, attendance at the banquet and full access to the premises


The transfer should take place on behalf of the association:



IBAN: SK77 0900 0000 0050 3450 8913

(please enter the competitor's first and last name in the transaction name).



The fee includes several attractions planned for IV4AT competitors, which are also listed in the event schedule. The fee also includes meals throughout the tournament (see schedule). There is no accommodation in the starting room. The organizers reserve the right to change the schedule of the event without giving a reason. The organizer does not have to take into account applications submitted after the deadline.


The application will be marked in red and the full registration will be marked in green after paying the entrance fee!


Individuals who have entered the competition and are unable to take part in the competition are required to inform the organizers in advance. The only way to notify is to send an e-mail to and the date of delivery of the e-mail will be the date of cancellation of registration.


Due to the requirement to make a reservation and to pay some expenses in advance in terms of the entry fee, in case of cancellation of the participation of the competitor and / or accompanying person, the organizers agreed on the following:


  • By 1 September 2022, all canceled applications will be refunded at 100% of the fees paid.

  • By September 15, 2022, all canceled applications will be refunded at 50% of the fees paid.

  • After September 30, 2022, all canceled applications will not include a refund of fees paid.




The purpose of these rules and regulations is to ensure the safety of all persons participating in the tournament, including those listed below as archers / participants. All archers and organizers participating in the tournament are required to comply with the provisions of these rules and regulations.


1.Organizers and arbitrators:


Supervisors shall be relieved of liability for any damage caused by the misconduct of the participants in the competition area, in particular as a result of exceeding any of the provisions, regulations, basic safety rules and oral instructions of the arbitrator.




In the event of a violation of the rules by participants or other persons, each of the competitors present is obliged to immediately stop shooting, to warn of the violation of these rules and to request a change of behavior. If that doesn't help, the shooters should report this to the organizers.


3. During the tournament it is strictly forbidden:

  1. Shoot under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  2. Use of equipment that endangers the safety of competitors

  3. Shoot without permission

  4. Tighten the bow and aim with the arrow in a direction other than the target

  5. Intentional shooting in another direction means disqualification, disqualification from the competition and a ban on entering the competition area.

  6. Smoking is in the whole forest park !!! STRICTLY PROHIBITED !!! under threat of disqualification.

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5c783cd -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   Smoking is only possible in the place specified by the organizer. Electronic cigarettes are allowed.

​    _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136b5ccccccc bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     Pollution around the castle and shooting areas.



Persons without legal capacity (including minors) who stay in the competition area or take part in a tournament are the responsibility of their legal representatives.


Shooters can only log in to Castrum Solmus with their own equipment.

IV. Bows

Olympic bows and pulley bows are not allowed.

Bow categories:

Historical bow (Natural bow) PL:

All-wood bows or composites made only of natural materials, the patterns of which are historically accurate (it is permitted to use tendons made of modern, unnatural materials), wooden arrows with flyers made of natural materials (feathers, parchment, paper, etc.) and arrowheads also made made of natural materials (wood, horn, etc.). The bows must not take any form of arrow rest (bristles, leather, etc.). There must be no sights or markings on the bow and string which could be used as an aid to aiming.


NOTE: Replicas of Korean bows are the only exception due to their historical design.

Modern replicas (Traditional bow) TL:


Modern replicas of historical bows made of modern materials (eg epoxy resin, laminate, carbon, etc.) can be used in a design similar to a traditional bow before 1900. In case of doubt about the design of the bow, the shooter is responsible for defending the design.

There was no form of shooting window on bows before 1900, so the arrow must always be placed on the hand holding the bow. The use of a shooting glove is permitted to protect the shooter's hand holding the bow. If the bow has a handle wrapped in leather, the thickness must not exceed 3 mm. The bow handle must be symmetrical. The bow must not be collapsible.

Modern bow (Bare bow) HL:


Bows with a base. One-piece and take-down, folded bows with a shooting window with or without a pistol grip. Wooden arrows with squadrons of natural materials (paper, feathers, parchment, etc.), arrowheads and chords can be made of any material. Bows can have straight and non-adjustable arrow supports in any form (plastic, metal, bristles, leather.) No marks or other markings are allowed on the string, as well as aiming aids on the bow body. Only shock absorbers that are located at least 305 mm above and below the base are permitted.

Warbow WB:


All-wood bows or D-profile composites made only of natural materials, the patterns of which are historically accurate (Straight bows), (it is permitted to use chords made of modern, non-natural materials). Wooden arrows with squadrons made of feathers according to CSWBS rules and arrowheads also made of natural materials. Reinforcement of the ends with a horn is mandatory! Arrows must have forged points according to CSWBS rules. (Not hunting)!

The minimum allowed pound is 70 lbs and the length of the bow is 74 inches (190 cm).

There must be no sights or markings on the bow and string that could be used as an aid to aiming.



The base of the arrow is considered to be any type of attachment to the bow on which the arrow will lie during the shot and which prevents the fall of the arrow inserted on the string when the bow is held in the shooting position. Categories PL, TL, HL have a force limit up to 70 lbs, WB from 70 lbs.




There must be no marks or graphics on the inside of the upper arm that can serve as an aid to aiming.


The string must be guided by the central axis of the arms and handrail at the point where the arrow is supported. The string can only be made of standard or modern material. Historical materials for the production of the string (eg flax or tendons, etc.) are generally prohibited, but may exceptionally be permitted by the organizer. String dampers made of natural material are permitted. There may be 1 or 2 marks on the string indicating the insertion of the arrow.


Any accessory that acts as a stabilizer, gauge, level, thrust control or traction reduction is prohibited. During the move, the shooter must always touch the tip of the arrow with his finger.


The use of binoculars or rangefinders is prohibited.





Archers must have a minimum of 10 wooden arrows with target points. Other tip types are prohibited for all categories except the WB - Warbow category. Only CSWBS tips are allowed for this category (WB).


Arrows must be easily identifiable (eg marked with the shooter's name or initials).


Note: Use of non-compliant arrows that do not comply with the rules will result in disqualification of the archer.





The competition included the technical technique "Thumb Ring", which includes all archers using a thumb ring shooting from natural or traditional bows.





The shooter is obliged to shoot in each part of the tournament only with the help of a bow, which was reported by the organizer of the competition and passed the control of the tool.


It is forbidden to use:

  • any sights or sights, stabilizers, clickers, supports, etc.

  • any markings on the bow that facilitate aiming.

  • binoculars, rangefinders or any measuring applications on mobile phones.

Only the anchoring point of the arrow on the string and the plate may be marked as an arrow rest on the bow (according to the requirements of point III.I.).


As far as shooting is concerned, only one requirement is required: the archer is obliged to shoot using a technique in which he touches an arrow with at least one finger, or with his thumb when stretching the bow when shooting.


The group leader is responsible for compliance with the above rules. Violation of the rules may result in disqualification of the archer.







A safe place will be prepared for the shooters, designated by the organizers for warm-up, and a training range will also be available.




  1. The shooting will be divided into 3 rounds, each of which will contain the following challenges:

    • 3D and 2D shooting,

    • shooting skills

    • long distances,

    • moving targets,

    • target shooting.

    • flags


In addition to target shooting, the WB - warbow category has a separate track. The first 2 rounds will be shot on the first day of the competition on Saturday 17 October. The last round will be shot on the second day of the competition on Sunday 18 October.


  1. IV4AT will be based on the sum of three rounds (1st to 3rd rounds). Scores obtained during the 3rd round will be evaluated separately. Each shooter is obliged to shoot all three rounds.


WB - Warbow will be judged as the sum of all three rounds. Special price for the longest range.


  1. In order to ensure the effective assessment and management of the groups, the organizers will select the group leaders from among the most experienced competitors, who will be responsible for compliance with the rules and regulations. Leaders' decisions will be binding.


In case of disputes, the Referee will judge and verify the score. The decisions of the Chief Justice are final.


  1. If the archer misses the target or gives up shooting, he gets a score of 0 on the target and is immediately entered in the result list. Missed targets cannot be shot later.


  1. The indicated target distances are approximate and the targets can be set at any distance from the firing position indicated by a colored pin or line.


For this reason, it is not possible to make any physical distance measurements near targets. It is forbidden to approach the targets before shooting.


  1. During the competition, the shooters shoot from their position so that when shooting, they stand in front of the line and touch the pin with any part of the body. In some disciplines, two shooters will be able to shoot at the same time (this will be stated in the description).


  1. It is forbidden to shoot more arrows if it is found that the shooter fired fewer arrows after approaching the target than the maximum number of arrows in the discipline.


Note: After completing the shooting, it is possible to search for lost arrows at the express command of the group leader, provided that there is no risk of exposing the archer to the danger of entering the firing zone of another group.


  1. To ensure safety and to prevent a slowdown in the flow of the tournament, no shooter may be behind the target, except when the hits are identified and points are scored. Always leave at least (2) two archers in front of the target to make sure that no group starts firing at the target behind which the search for lost arrows is taking place. If you do not find the arrow (s) immediately, mark the place and return to search for your arrows at the end of the round with all groups.




  1. The competition consists of rounds and in each round there will be other types of goals (listed in point IV.II.) with the following points:

    1. Targets with three scoring zones for 3D-2D 10 - 8 - 5 points.

    2. Target shooting 10 to 1 point

    3. Targets with one scoring zone 5 points

    4. Roving with three scoring zones for 12 - 7 - 3 points.


  1. WB - Warbow has a separate scoring in each discipline.


  1. The hit counts towards the higher scoring zone when the arrow touches the line between the scoring zones. Arrows that are not caught in the target do not count as hits and the shooter cannot repeat the shot. The exceptions are arrows that bounced and landed in front of the target. In this case, the archer will be awarded the lowest possible score per target.


An arrow that gets stuck in another arrow is considered stuck in the target field.


  1. All arrows should remain in the target until the score is recorded. If the scoring situation is uncertain, the dispute should be resolved by the judge and the arrows cannot be pulled out of the target until then. Arrows selected from the target before recording results are counted as 0 (zero) points.


  1. The evaluation system will be electronic, but also in paper form for double-checking interventions. The recorder will synchronize the recorded points with the group leader, who will record the recorded values ​​in electronic online form.


  1. In the event of an error in entering points into the scorecard, the correction must be made immediately and the group leader must sign all corrections made.


  1. After recording the score, the shooter must ensure that the arrow is removed from the target.






International V4 archery tournament:


The results of the competition will be based on the sum of three rounds. The third round will be evaluated separately. Archers will receive official cards to record the results at the beginning of the tournament. All information on the scorecard must be filled in accurately and legibly. The points are entered into the online scoring system and calculated by the group leader / referee. The person designated by him enters points into the scorecards. Scorecards must be signed by at least two people in the group.


In case of a match of points of shooters who compete for a place on the podium, it will be decided by a duel, where athletes shoot 3 shots into the target from a distance of 20 - 25 meters.


The archer who gets more points wins. In case of the same score, the duel will continue until one of the shooters gets more points. Zones on duel targets are scored the same as in the standard round (Tibetan triangle).


No further points will be awarded for duels in the overall ranking.

These duels only determine the order in the archers ranking.


Archers with unsuitable tools are excluded from the final ranking without the possibility of obtaining the title and prize.







From the opening of the competition until the official end of the competition and during the shooting, it is forbidden to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other drugs. The penalty is immediate disqualification.


In case of doubt, the organizers reserve the right to check the state of sobriety and if the current zero tolerance is exceeded, the shooter will be disqualified.


Participants are also required to smoke exclusively in a designated area during the tournament.




The Referee may apply the following disciplinary measures to any violation of the archer's equipment requirements found prior to the commencement of the competition:


    • an order to bring the equipment into compliance with the rules,

    • changing the category of equipment in which the archer will compete,

    • exclusion of the shooter's score from the score sheet,

    • exclusion from the competition.


The Referee may disqualify the shooter for gross misconduct during the competition. It is forbidden to enter the venue of the tournament.




Archers compete in four bow categories: PL, TL, HL, WB


1st place: gold medal + diploma

II. place: silver medal + diploma

III. place: bronze medal + diploma

IV. place: diploma

V. place: diploma

VI. place: diploma



Vinedi and the Chief Justice have the right to interpret these rules and regulations.

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